My name is Kelly Cornish.  I am now leading the Youth@Heart fundraising team. I will use this page to keep you updated with fundraising activities, as well as attempting to beg, steal and borrow all the different things we need! To get in touch/buy tickets/register – or ring/txt Kelly on 07951835360   Sunday 6thAugust Its […] Read more


My name is Nikki Ayres. As many of my local friends know I am a huge supporter of Youth@Heart. I am really delighted to become the Charity’s Volunteer Coordinator. I am looking forward to meeting our existing volunteers and to welcoming new ones. Please get in touch if you would like to help. Anyone can […] Read more

Hopes and Dreams

We little appreciate how many hopes and dreams are tied up in the birth of a child, until something goes wrong. Their safe arrival represents and underpins so much – continuation of the generations, parental aspirations, pride and absolute unbridled joy. They link the past to the future and reinforce core belief that our children […] Read more

A Mother’s Story: part 1

Born after a healthy pregnancy and delivery, with little reason to suspect that all was not well, my daughter was initially diagnosed as a result of addressing parental concern,  rooted in nothing more than powerful instinct. 12 hours, (And a transfer to the Royal Brompton) later, our lives had been turned upside down, from absolute […] Read more

Ella’s Story

  My name is Ella, I am a young adult with congenital heart disease.  I was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries, it was diagnosed a few hours after I was born. The next day I had a hole blown in my heart to allow oxygenated blood to get around my body. I needed […] Read more

Alice’s Story (April 2010)

Hello, my name is Alice Lawson, I am 18 years and extremely lucky to be alive! I was born with a rare and complex congenital heart condition. Doctors discovered that my heart was transposed thereby pumping deoxygenated blood around my body, rather than oxygenated. They were initially unsure that I would live through the first […] Read more