Hopes and Dreams

  • We little appreciate how many hopes and dreams are tied up in the birth of a child, until something goes wrong. Their safe arrival represents and underpins so much – continuation of the generations, parental aspirations, pride and absolute unbridled joy. They link the past to the future and reinforce core belief that our children will outlive us, and through them we will leave our legacy as parents and individuals – our hopes, dreams, aspirations, ethics, beliefs etc.
  • We take their good health for granted, during pregnancy, birth and childhood. The possibility of things going not quite as planned is briefly addressed in ante natal classes, but for the majority, those whose families have been untouched by ill health in its many guises, it remains largely unconsidered – there is far too much else to focus on, and after all, medical science has come so far – what could go wrong?
  • In fact 1 in every 100 babies is born with congenital heart disease – Although there are huge amounts of information widely available, it is still not broadly discussed or appreciated by the general public. The complexities of achieving effective heart function are significant – in fact, the more we understand, the more we appreciate that everything working as it should, is little short of a miracle……….