Monet shares her story this Dyslexia Awareness Week

We want to thanks Monet, our Community, Youth & Family Worker for sharing her Dyslexia story with us, raising awareness.

My Dyslexia Story.

With it being young people’s mental health day, and the end of Dyslexia awareness week I felt this was the perfect time to share with you an honest post about how I have delt with Dyslexia throughout my life.


Dyslexia has always been there, people within my family have Dyslexia, so I feel very lucky that they were aware of the signs for me from a very early age. I vagely remember sitting in my classroom from a young age and all the letters on the board being jumbled up, but thinking that everyone must be seeing what I am seeing. Then soon realising that they were not seeing the same, I sat at the back of the class so I would never get picked to read anything off the board. It never worked and I would get so embarrassed and stressed if I had to stand up on the spot and read allowed to my class.


I remember getting assessed in primary school, then having different types of support put in place, this was a turning point for me and I embraced being different in a really positive way from that moment on. It was difficult at times but I always relied on the fact I was very creative and could express myself through other ways than reading and writing.


Dyslexia was spoken about to me because of my family history, but only within my household, I don’t remember the outside world ever speaking about it, this was a very taboo subject and no one ever really raised their hand and said “ I have Dyslexia”. It is great that now more and more people are opening up about having it, I believe we need our young people and adults to realise that having Dyslexia does not stop you from doing anything, even reading and writing.


I was reassessed as an adult and it was confirmed again that I was Dyslexic, but again this hasn’t stopped me from getting my dream job and where I am today. The thought of going to university was always a very daunting thought for me, so I didn’t go like all of my friends did. I went about gaining my qualifications the way that was best for me, exams really scare me and I get very worked up when I know I have to sit one. So I studied and gained qualifications my way by doing coursework based assessments.

I just want to share with all young people and adults that nothing can stop you, you can achieve anything you want in life, never let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.