We are happy to announce funding from Children in Need

Youth@Heart are really happy to announce successful funding of £30k over 3 years with Children in Need, helping us fund our vital Youth Work with young people who have congenital heart disease!

With our ACHD Youth Worker Xander attending more paediatric and targeted clinics, we are proud of the support we can offer to young people with CHD who are facing transition from children to adult services.

This funding will help fund the ACHD Youth Worker role supporting young people with congenital heart disease as inpatients, outpatients and also within the community.

One of our Youth Ambassadors recently shared this which really does sum up why the work we do is so vital

“I was going into this alone, but Xander was there, he made me know that I was not alone. Having a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to hold. My family was miles away, but Xander was in the hospital everyday. Helping me take off my mind what is going on. I haven’t had an operation since I was little, having someone with me was important. Being on my own made me worry, the biggest worry about – what if I die.  Xander said – you can do this, I am here, Xander was there.”

Thanks to Children in Need, we are so thrilled to help support the vital work we do.

If you would like to get in touch with the team – please email us at contactus@youthatheart.co.uk or call us on 01452 690 830 or to get in touch with our ACHD Youth Worker Xander, please contact Xander ACHD Youth Worker, 07832 668907 xander@youthatheart.co.uk