Youth at Heart Club10

Club10 is an exclusive club for businesses and corporate companies designed to help us raise £10,000 on our 10th anniversary.

How to join

To join Club10, quite simply contact us let us know you want to join Youth at Heart Club10, leave a contact name, email address and contact number and we will get in touch.

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What do we need to do?

Raise awareness of Youth at Heart and fundraise, fundraise, fundraise! 

You can raise funds any way you wish, we could be your Charity of the Year, or you could run a series of fundraising events throughout the year.

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Clinical team

Tell everyone what you are doing! 

Involve your staff, mention fundraising for us in meetings, your staff newsletter or intranet site. Design and display a poster, keep people informed of your fundraising progress. 

You can set up a Just Giving Fundraising page, set your challenge or fundraising goal and ensure donations can be made easily. 

We will share the social media posts you tag us in and include updates on our social media channels and website. 

Match Funding

One final thought, have you considered match funding? It’s a great way to engage your staff through highlighting your corporate social responsibility and achieving your fundraising target.

The Youth at Heart team are on hand to help you and can visit your workplace to further raise awareness of our charity.

The Youth at Heart team
"It’s good to have a youth worker present at our transition sessions with patients. They know how to communicate in a way they feel comfortable.  He sometimes will add age-appropriate comments during a session with a nurse or consultant that can lighten the conversation making the patient feel more relaxed and engaged. That can only be a benefit for any team!"

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Explore Youth at Heart

Youth at Heart are a charity committed to young people aged 13-24, and their families, who are living with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) in South West England and South Wales.

We empower, inform and support them to live their best life.

For young people

We are committed to supporting you as you start your Transition Journey aged 13 and leading up to your Transfer from Paediatrics to Adult Services and beyond, until your 25th birthday.

For the whole family

Youth at Heart recognise that congenital heart disease affects the whole family, which is why our Youth Workers are there for families too.

For professionals

Youth at Heart is a charity independent from the NHS that works in partnership with health professionals across the South Wales & South West Congenital Heart Disease Network.

Get involved

Youth at Heart rely on funds being raised through donations, grants, events and activities and for people to get involved to help us carry on our important work.

Our feedback

"Thank you so much for coming to see me it meant a lot. I’ve been super lonely, and it was nice having someone in that wasn’t here to poke or prod me or ask me questions about my condition."

PB, Young Person

"Thank you so much for your support with J when you came to see him in hospital, it was more help than you can know for both J and myself"

VC, Parent

"Thank you for all the support you have given me over the last few years you've helped me massively and i cannot thank you enough for everything, i'll miss you guys but i will keep you updated on my progression with uni"

GC, Young Person

"Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to my appointment. It was really nice and useful having you there. Thank you"

SL, Young Person

"Youth at Heart are experts in what they do, what they can offer and it’s not just about supporting the patient - it’s supporting the family and seeing everyone for who they are not just a diagnosis or procedure"

FW, Parent

"Better understanding of youth culture and skills which enable sharing in a less formal and threatening interaction. The Youth Workers teach us medics/nurses what is cool!"

Consultant Cardiologist