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Death Rant

Death, dying, dead. What do I even want to say about this? Where do I even start? It’s timely that you’ve asked me to do this now as I’m going through ANOTHER crappy period of health…I’ve been into the hospital only today for more tests and no conclusions yet as to why I’ve been feeling […] Read more

‘We think your baby has a heart problem’

Ella, my beautiful baby girl, was born at Bristol Maternity Hospital on 21 January 1993, 10 days late but everything went smoothly.  After the doctors had checked her over, we were transferred to the maternity ward for the evening.  I didn’t sleep a wink, I kept glancing over at my daughter who seemed to be […] Read more

‘Over The Wall’ Influencing My Journey-Xander Cook

  Over the Wall (OTW) is a national charity, that is part of the international Serious Fun Network, the original American camp was called ‘A Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’ and was set up by the actor Paul Newman. OTW offer free therapeutic recreation camps for young people aged 8-17 with health challenges ( […] Read more

You Never Know When….

When I was asked to write this blog, I thought that I was too old to contribute as, although I was born with Aortic Stenosis (with incompetence), in 1971, it didn’t really affect me until I was 24ish! I led a very normal childhood, health wise, and was just told that I couldn’t be a […] Read more

Hopes and Dreams

We little appreciate how many hopes and dreams are tied up in the birth of a child, until something goes wrong. Their safe arrival represents and underpins so much – continuation of the generations, parental aspirations, pride and absolute unbridled joy. They link the past to the future and reinforce core belief that our children […] Read more

A Mother’s Story: part 1

Born after a healthy pregnancy and delivery, with little reason to suspect that all was not well, my daughter was initially diagnosed as a result of addressing parental concern,  rooted in nothing more than powerful instinct. 12 hours, (And a transfer to the Royal Brompton) later, our lives had been turned upside down, from absolute […] Read more

Ella’s Story

  My name is Ella, I am a young adult with congenital heart disease.  I was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries, it was diagnosed a few hours after I was born. The next day I had a hole blown in my heart to allow oxygenated blood to get around my body. I needed […] Read more

Alice’s Story (April 2010)

Hello, my name is Alice Lawson, I am 18 years and extremely lucky to be alive! I was born with a rare and complex congenital heart condition. Doctors discovered that my heart was transposed thereby pumping deoxygenated blood around my body, rather than oxygenated. They were initially unsure that I would live through the first […] Read more